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Naturally, the comfort, well-being, and security of your family are important to you. At Complete Foundation Repair, they're important to us, too.


We strive to ensure Alabama residents enjoy a healthy living environment free of crawl space issues.

•  Drywall cracks in interior walls

•  Waterproofing and ventilation

•  Leaking water

•  Uneven floors

•  Foul odors

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Neglecting the repair and maintenance of the crawl space in your home can lead to serious structural repairs and even adverse health conditions due to mold growth. Contact us to fix this problem today!

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Variety of crawl space issues

Structural and mold problems

•  Restore basements and retaining walls

•  Lift and level floors and concrete

•  Crawl space repairs

Full line of repair services for a sound, solid home

•  Foundation and structural repairs

•  Waterproofing

Expect top-notch foundation repairs

Get reliable waterproofing services

Get strong basements and retaining walls

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