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Benefits Of Foundation Repair

Saves Time

The saying, “Time is money” is true in the case of foundation repair. It may seem like a hassle and waste of time at first, but it really does pay to repair the foundation as soon as possible.

By doing so, the problem is nipped in the bud, and won’t blossom into a more time-consuming issue. Procrastinating on minor foundation repairs, such as cracks in the walls or slightly slanted flooring, will lead to larger scale needs. The more severe the problem, the longer it will take to repair.

Saves Money

Not only does it save time down the road, but it will save money as well. Minor repairs costing less than major is common sense, but sometimes it takes seeing the bill to truly understand.

An excellent example of how money can be saved is by comparing the costs of repairing a few cracks caused by flaws in the foundation, to repairing sagging or sloping floors. Minor cracks, assuming they are less than 1/8 of an inch, typically cost anywhere from $250 to $800. Sagging or sloping floors, however, can run a person anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

Maintains Home Value

On top of that, neglecting repairs will lead to reduced home value; plain and simple. If the desire to sell the home comes up before any repairs are made, the inspector who defines the value of the home will nitpick every apparent and hidden flaw. Values will plummet thousands for minor issues, or hundreds of thousands for major.

Maintains Comfortable Living

With a solid foundation, the house is comfortable and easy to live in, but everything changes when the foundation needs repairs. The slightest slant in the flooring, for instance, can lead to minor irritations like feeling off balance. Also, a sagging or sloped floor is easier to stumble on, becoming a hazard for children or the elderly. Maintains Yard Depending on the foundation, the yard may suffer the most damages. When a foundation remains neglected, the aesthetics of the yard are ruined because the two are connected.

Any uneven ground in the yard can destabilize the foundation, which may lead to the foundation shifting. Soil erosion in the yard also affects the foundation because the eroded soil may lead water to pool around the foundation. The worse the damage to the foundation, the greater the chances of the yard being dug up during foundation repairs, too.

Foundation Repair

It’s important to know what foundation repair is necessary for your area. In Waipahu, you can expect foundation repairs to vary from basement waterproofing to resolving cracked walls, and more. Knowing what repairs you need is half the battle, but a quick look around can be enough to guess what will need attention. Checking the soil quality around the house is a good start. If the soil is not compact enough, you’ll notice the foundation of the house sinking. There’s too much moisture within the soil if the house starts rising instead.

Commercial Foundation Repair

As a business owner, you know the quality in which your company was built upon is everything. Everyone expects exemplary service, product, and reputation. For this to be possible, the foundation of your company needs to be sound, both the figurative and the literal foundation. Foundation problems in your commercial structure are the opposite of those expectations, and can become hazards for you, customers, and employees. It can also be expensive, depending on severity.

That’s why you shouldn’t delay getting foundation repairs. The best way to prevent issues is to regularly inspect your structure, both the interior and exterior, and its foundation. Obvious signs include doors and windows sticking, or water problems in the basement.

Contact foundation repair specialist as soon as problems arise. You will breathe easier knowing damages caused by foundation failures will be addressed, and any underlying problems will be resolved.

House Foundation Repair

Foundation problems are a struggle on the national level, as everyone encounters them as homeowners. But, they’re particularly devastating for homeowners. It’s easy to see a few cracks in the walls or the ceiling and decide to shrug off any concern. It’s easy to think you lost your balance instead of admitting the floor is uneven. We’ve all done it at some point, and we all know why: Costs, labor, time spent on the whole endeavor. Everything about foundation issues is stressful, and all the worse when locating quality services that are affordable.

But that’s why our foundation repair company is here. Don’t let these issues daunt you. Instead, take action by calling upon foundation repair specialist near you. You’ll be relieved to discuss your free estimate, have professional inspections, and receive quality solutions that will ease your anxiety with permanent repairs for your home.

Foundation Repair Company

We’ve all been in the position of searching, “Foundation repair company near me,” but here in the Waipahu area, the search doesn’t have to be frantic. Foundation repair specialist provides complete foundation repair solutions with the help of qualified contractors and specialists. Services aren’t limited to only homeowners- companies are welcome to consult with these experts on foundation needs.

That’s why you should call us about potential foundation issues in your home or company building. We are fully equipped with the technology for foundation underpinning, drainage control, and more. From basement waterproofing or repairing walls to working in crawl spaces or repairing piping in manholes, your expectations will be handled by highly experienced construction experts. We are dedicated to delivering professional, on-time service with the integrity and value to get the job done right – the first time.

Foundation Repair Contractor

When you call for foundation repairs, expert contractors will be sent in to aid you. Contractors perform a variety of tasks to repair the foundation of your home or commercial structure. The first task you can expect of them is to survey the property. This consists of evaluations and inspections of the property for the reported foundation damage. The time taken to evaluate varies on the required job and methods. It can take up to an hour, for example, to determine the extent of damages to a slab foundation if house leveling is required.

Then, they inform clients of their estimates for costs and time, explaining what work needs to be done, and issue a foundation warranty and other related work. Afterward, the contractors will prepare for the project. They will gather the necessary equipment and materials for the job, depending on whether the foundation uses pier and beam, or concrete. The project then begins in earnest with everything gathered.

You can count on us to send professional contractors who are happy to answer any questions you may have. They always use repair methods that meet code compliance, according to ICC-ES standards.

Foundation Crack Repair

It’s normal to find hairline cracks in the walls or ceilings after a while, but anything larger can be a sign of foundation problems. You can guess at the problem from how the cracks formed. Vertical cracks are usually the result of soil settling, and cause greater damage by drawing water into the foundation. Stair-step cracks can be caused by the foundation wall under soil pressure or settlement. Horizontal or jagged cracks are the most serious issue to encounter. This happens when soil heavy with water pressures the foundation. This can lead to a wall bowing and buckling, or worse: The wall caving in. If you specifically see the horizontal or jagged patterns, call us immediately. This needs to be repaired without delay.

Generally, repairing foundation cracks is a simple task. It often consists of an epoxy treatment to seal cracks in the cement. Cracks are a common foundation issue and usually isn’t a cause for alarm, especially in terms of affordability. Regardless, it’s important to get to the repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, more extreme repair methods may be required, such as repairing the wall stabilization to prevent walls buckling.

House Leveling

House leveling is a foundation repair method used to fix a sinking foundation. One way to know if your house is in need of leveling because your floors may feel uneven, causing you to feel unbalanced. In more severe cases, the floor may feel like it’s sagging beneath your wait.

Essentially, it’s the process of lifting the home as close to its original level as possible and shoring up the foundation. A popular solution for doing this involves the cable lock method, which locks a structured series of concrete blocks beneath the foundation. Before houses will be leveled, contractors will look into the source of the problem. This is because leveling the house before the other issues are resolved won’t permanently resolve the sinking foundation issue. Resolving the source of the problem ensures the foundation stays level in the future, and often prevents other foundational problems from occurring down the road.

Common reasons for a sinking foundation are volatile soil conditions, plumbing leaks, and drainage issues. Volatile soil conditions include intrusive tree roots breaking up the soil. Drainage issues and plumbing leaks often lead to an excess of water pooling in and around the foundation.

Raising Slab

Raising slabs is typically done by slabjacking, which is also known as mudjacking. This foundation repair method is literally just lifting concrete slabs so the leveling can be adjusted, or so they can be replaced. When lifting the concrete foundation, a wave of slurry typically made up of mud, stone, cement, and other hard mixtures are injected through the drilled holes of the slab. This is to fill the space below to help even out the slab. There have been concerns in the past about how the slurry affects the environment, so a more environmentally safe alternative is available. This is a dense and durable polyurethane foam injection.

Once the concentrated slurry or foam have been injected, the house should slowly level out. The concrete slabs will indefinitely be supported by these injections, and the contractors will then refill the holes to ensure the home’s floors look untouched. For concrete foundations, this is considered the most cost effective repair when trying to level the house. However, this isn’t meant to fix the level of the entire house; just sections that specifically need it. Locations that benefit from slabjacking include garage floors, sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc.

Foundation Repair Specialist

We offer specialists who are happy to serve customers in need of basement foundation repairs or waterproofing, and are capable of tackling crawl spaces with confidence.

Problems with your property happen. It happens to all of us, leading to frustration and headaches as you consider the time, labor, and cost of repairs. Foundation repair specialist is here to assure you that affordable services are available, regardless of whether it involves wet basements or leaky, crawl spaces. The professional, knowledgeable team of experts sent to you are happy to tackle your basement, crawl space, or foundation problems.

You can expect the specialists to be punctual, friendly, and ready for consultation. They’re also happy to walk you through the repair process, and answer any questions you may have about the whole ordeal. If you have concerns about how their work will affect your property, we are here to assure you that every team is trained to be mindful and courteous of your property. It is only common courtesy to ensure the inside and outside of your property still looks as impressive as when the team arrived.

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces are more commonly found for commercial structure, but certain houses are known to utilize them as well. A crawl space is available for properties that are elevated, sometimes as small as a foot tall, by footings and block walls. The property can be raised up to four feet from the ground. Crawl spaces are considered a variation of basement, and have been treated as such by businesses and homes alike.

The house relies on the crawl space being in flawless order, so be mindful about potential structure issues. Such issues include sinking or sagging floors, strange odors from the space, rodent infestations, and more. Also, be mindful of water or humidity seeping through permeable concrete. The crawl space is a prime location for mold or mildew to form. When choosing to repair the crawl space, consider your encapsulation options. Thicker vapor barriers, for instance, is a good start for denying moisture from entering, and adding dehumidifiers is a strong addition to keeping this area dry and safe. Floor liners are an excellent, finishing touch for any encapsulation repair. Contact us for more information on how to maintain your crawl space.

Foundation Leak Repair

Foundation leaks are a common foundation problem found in basements, and the appearance of the water or moisture entering the basement can be narrowed down to two sources: Either the humidity inside is intense enough to condense on the cold surfaces of the basement walls, or water vapor is sneaking in through the walls from the outside. The latter is most likely to happen when it rains, or when snow melts on the soil that surrounds your foundation if you have poor drainage. It’s possible to guess at the leak’s source by taping aluminum foil to a wall. Moisture on the surface facing you indicates humidity, and moisture on the other side indicates a leak in the walls. It’s recommended to have surrounding issues resolved before proceeding to repair foundation leaks.

A widely practiced method of sealing the basement and preventing water from leaking through the concrete is utilizing a hydraulic cement. This cement is especially used when structures are expected to be submerged in water, so it’s designed to set and harden almost immediately upon being mixed with water. Because of this, it’s known for its effectiveness in immediate waterproofing for a basement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best foundation repair method?

There are numerous methods of foundation repair, for example, concrete piers, helical piers, segmented piers, soft piers, and more. However, there is one method, in particular, that stands out from the rest, steel piers. Steel piers are products directly related to foundation repairing. They are designed to dive very deep into the soil at depths of even 100 feet underground, one of the reasons why steel piers are the best is because other methods can dive only 8 to 12 feet into the foundation. Also, many specialists say and claim this is the best foundation repair method, praising how easy it is to install steel piers.

First, the engineers will excavate the ground to open space for the installation of the steel piers. Then, by using high-quality hydraulics, steel piers will use them to lift up the ground and stabilize the original foundation elevation, their lifting capabilities are unlimited. Additionally, if you compare this method to the others mentioned above, steel piers produce little vibration when being installed. It must be said that this method does not offer a short-term solution, steel piers will solve permanently the foundation damage.

Steel piers have proven themselves among professionals for a long time, becoming the preferred and most effective method to use for foundation repair, against other methods to repair the damaged foundation of your property, steel piers are the absolute winner.

Does foundation repair affect home value?

In a word, yes. The value of a home is greatly affected by whether the foundation is repaired. Foundation repairs are important and must be professionally completed. Choosing a verified, reputable foundation repair company ensures the foundation has a warranty. If the decision to sell the home ever comes up, an inspector will be called upon to find every flaw imaginable in the home.

This includes how well the foundation is standing. The more flaws in the overall home, the less the value, but the flaws in the foundation are especially potent to the home’s value. If there are severe flaws, such as a drainage issue causing excessive moisture into the home’s foundation, then the lack of repairs will negatively affect the home value. At worst, the severity of the flaws can reduce the expected value by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The ability to sell a house with a flawed foundation is difficult, as it appeals to very specific people. Unless agreements are made where the seller will see to the foundation’s repair, anyone wanting a starter or a forever home will not be interested in purchasing a flawed foundation that can lead to costs greater than the house’s value. In some cases, having the foundation repaired can improve the value of the home.

For example, if the issue was the shifting of the earth beneath causing the foundation to sink in such a way that left the home slanted or generally uneven, correcting this issue may make the home more desirable for future buyers. This is because the shifting and sinking has already occurred, allowing the earth to settle in a way that allows it to more properly bear the weight of the house. This leaves the house more stable and valuable.

What are the most popular methods of foundation repair?

The most popular methods of foundation repair fall under one of two categories: slabjacking, and piering. The chosen category depends on where the house was built. For example, it is common to see slabjacking methods used in the general Texas area, whereas piering is more generally seen in big cities. The method used is determined by the site’s condition and needs.

Slabjacking is used for foundations built with concrete slabs. It is a quick, inexpensive method that can be done with little to no disruption to the house or yard. It involves lifting the individual concrete slab and repairing it alone.

One of the most popular slabjacking method of foundation repair is the high-density polyurethane foam. The foam offers the quickest and most precise slab repairs. Another popular method of foundation repair is using masonry patches and sealants. The patches and sealants are used to combat cracks in the slab foundations to prevent shrinkage. Catching these cracks early prevents major issues in the future.

Piering is used when the home is built upon metal or concrete posts that are drilled deep into the earth. The most popular piering methods of foundation repair are: Concrete, segmented, spot, and steel piers.

Using concrete piers is a popular, traditional foundation repair. They offer the most permanent solution, allowing homeowners to save time and money in the future.

Segmented piers are popular because they’re extremely low-cost.

Spot piers are popular for repairing the foundation of porches, and other areas that generally deal with lighter-loads.

Steel piers are the most popular method of foundation repair. Steel piers offer the fastest, most efficient and precise piering repair because data-driven technology is used to direct the piers into place. They also disturb less landscape than the other methods.

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